Major sins

Is a Muslim who falls into major Shirk out of ignorance to be called a Mushrik immediately or is it only after establishing the proof on them?
last update: July 8, 2023
In which hand is the book given for the people who enter the fire due to Major Sins?
last update: April 10, 2023
The difference between Shirk and Kufr
last update: July 16, 2021
Retributions are in accordance of the types of actions perpetrated – How you treat others, is how you will be treated
last update: May 19, 2021
A man must cease sexual intercourse with his wife if he sees menstrual blood
last update: May 4, 2021
The claim of the presence of Homosexuality in Jannah
last update: March 18, 2021
Sins and it’s connection to Shirk
last update: January 18, 2021
Men applying Henna on their hands and feet
last update: January 4, 2021
Difference between Minor & Major Shirk and Tawhīd & Major Disbelief coming together in a person
last update: January 1, 2021
Past and Future sins being forgiven is specific to the Prophet ﷺ
last update: December 23, 2020
Sins beneath Shirk and Kufr don’t necessitate punishment
last update: December 7, 2020
The Dawah to Allah is not In Need of Tasweer
last update: November 21, 2020
Images for the sake of da’wah and Teaching women without a barrier (or) closing the paths of Sin and Evil
last update: October 25, 2020
The dangerous trial of looking at the Women
last update: October 25, 2020
The ruling of praying the funeral prayer upon those who have partially or completely abandoned the obligatory prayers
last update: October 19, 2020
Is the one who abandons the prayer a disbeliever and will he be in the hellfire forever?
last update: October 19, 2020
The ruling on placing CCTV cameras in shops
last update: May 25, 2020
What is the Ruling on Approaching one’s wife during her menses?
last update: March 26, 2020
Is there a specific number of major sins? Or is it not of a specific number?
last update: March 21, 2020
Is taking pictures of that which possess a soul, haraam in and on itself or due to something it causes?
last update: February 7, 2020
Taking pictures and videos under the name of D’awah doesn’t bring about good, rather it harms the D’awah
last update: February 4, 2020
Proven treatment for black magic and evil eye
last update: June 21, 2019
Muslims helping disbelievers against Salafees
last update: October 31, 2020
Praying behind an innovator who calls to participation in elections and democracy
last update: October 29, 2020
Invalidation of marriage if husband cohabits with step daughter
last update: March 17, 2017
Speaking about Allāh without knowledge 
last update: September 30, 2016
Murdering innocent souls from the Kuffaar
last update: September 2, 2016
Act that removes major sins
last update: December 26, 2014