Repaying a loan when the creditor is not traceable

Question #343:

My father passed away 4 years a ago and he had some loans that I am trying to replay, however there are some loans that I am not able to repay. For example he had some credit cards that needed to be payed for but the accounts were closed automatically by the banks after his death. Also there is one man my father owed money to, I am unaware of the amount or any details of this person. I have been trying to look for him for the past few years to repay him but haven’t been able to get any information of him. Is there anything I can do so that all this is not held against my father on the day of judgement?


 من استطعت تصل إليه أعطه حقه أو اطلب السماح منه
ومن لم تستطع الوصول إليه ولا معرفة ورثته تصدق على نيته

Whoever you are able to reach, give his due or seek pardon from him. Whoever you are unable to reach or do not know his inheritors then you should make sadaqaa on his behalf (that the rewards goes to him).

Answered by: Shaykh Abdul Hameed Al Hajooree Ḥafidhahullāh

Translated by: Abu Sumayyah Al Nigeri