Condition of Abu Usama Ad dahabi

Question : Some differing occurred with that which pertains to an individual known as Abu Usamah. From some of the brothers,are those who say that the kalaam, the statements that you have said about him, being that he is not salafi. It was something which is lacking evidence. So the question was, could we have any form of commentary upon this so that there does not remain any form of ambiguity and clarity with regards to the status of this individual and May Allah bless your efforts.


Answer : The Shaykh hafidhahullah responded by saying: “I believe that we’ve spoken about this individual in our travels for the sake of daw’ah about 8 years ago to Canada and we mentioned some of the statements of the brothers in that country pertaining to Abu Usamaah and from them is that he is with the Jameeyah Ahlul Hadeeth in Britain which is a Jameeyah upon Hizbiyyah and has with it Wala and Bara’aa which is restricted and they also have with them from the innovations is pledging allegiance to other than the muslim ruler and they also have with them loyalty towards the disbelievers and other than this and he (Abu Usama ad dahabi) is from the Jameeyah and is from those who defend it. If Allah azzawajal wants good for a person then that which we have mentioned from the speech about him ;it is sufficient .Especially when, there are also from the scholars who have spoken about him in criticism. As for a person who is a fanatic towards him or who defends him in falsehood then whatsoever you bring for him as evidence then he will always say that this is not sufficient and as for that which pertains to his mannerisms then he has mannerisms that are not upright and as for his manhaj he is with the Jameeyah that we have mentioned and

we worship Allah Azzawajal upon the belief that this Jameeyah is nothing which is more than a far’ and a branch from the Ikhwanul Muslimeen .Yes.


Answered by : Shaykh Abu Amr Al Hajooree hafidhahullah