Loving own children more than step-children

Question 416

A brother is taking care of his wife’s daughter( which is not his daughter). He finds that he inclines to love more his own children more than his wife’s daughter. Has this brother fell into something forbidden by this? And in addition is it upon him if he gives his own kids gifts , is it wajib to give his wife’s daughter a gift as well.

Answer :

It is natural that a person loves his children more than step-children, there is no problem with this. And even among his own children he may love some one more than others.

As for his own children he should not exhibit love of some one more than others (even if he love some one more in his heart than others) and he should treat all same. Regarding the step children it is not obligatory to treat them same as his own children. But he should try to be kind with them.

Answered by : Shaykh Abu Bilal Al Hadhrami

Translated the summary of the answer by : AbdunNoor Al Hindi