Overburdening a wife with what she cannot do

Question :

A brother who has been married for several years has been constantly telling his wife to keep the house clean, but this problem only gets worse over time. Alhamdulillah, she has other good qualities, but it seems as if with more children the duties of the house are becoming more neglected. He has advised her gently and at times harshly calling her names such as filthy, lazy, living like pig, but her response is excuses and says she does try, but it is clearly not enough. It has come to the point when the brother has threatened to divorce her and does not want to oppress himself and her by sinning and losing patience, even though he still loves her for her good qualities. What is the advice for this brother?

Answer :

The advice for the brother is to fear Allah in relation to his wife and does not over burden her with what she can’t bear. He is to be gentle with her and be helpful to her and he should not call her name’s. He should not threaten her with divorce rather he should show patience and gentleness

Answered by : Shaykh Abdul Hameed Al Hajoori