Ruling on Covid-19 Vaccination?


In Saudi Arabia, they are asking us to register to get the vaccine for Covid-19. Its given free of charge. As you know there are many conspiracy theories surrounding it . Some say vaccines are not needed and they are protesting against vaccines of any kind . What should we do ? How do we decide whether this is good for us or bad…?


My beloved brother, the conspiracy regarding vaccines have been there since the beginning of this pandemic, as I clarified many times before..
and I am sure the vaccine was there too “dirty politics”.

Anyway, not all vaccines are bad and we definitely have a lot of benefit from some of it but I don’t have much information about the Covid-19 vaccination. But if I have a choice, I am not going to take it.

Anyway, those who should decide the goodness and the badness of it are the trustworthy professional Muslim doctors .. who have within them the combination of three important characteristics:

  1. Taqwaa and enough knowledge about the religion which will enable them to build their decision in accordance to the legislation of our religion.
  2. Qualified in their field (vaccinations and diseases). Which will enable them to do proper balancing between the harms and the benefits.
  3. Free from both sides of “theories” (conspiracy theories and blind following of the disbelieving theories), since all is against the religion and logic.

And Allaah knows best.

Answered by: Ustaaz Ahmad Banaajah