Taking loan from a person whose income is haram

Queation :

Is it permitted to take loan from a person whose income is haram ?

Answer :

I don’t know whether the questioner meant deen (religious knowledge) or dain (loan).If he means dain (loan), then it should not be taken from such a person.

If it is deen what he asks about then its more severe. ‘Indeed this knowledge is your deen, so be careful about whom you are taking your knowledge from’. This person is playing with his deen. He is not careful about his food and drinks (to be halaal).
So the knowledge shouldn’t be taken from someone who deals with haram and whose income is haram. No one should listen to him.

As for the loan, don’t take from him if his wealth is totally haram. And if its mixed (haram &halal) and you didn’t find any other way and you are in need then you can take from him. If its known that he earn exclusively from haram then no! Allah will give him another way.

Answered by : Shaykh Abu Bilal Khalid bin Abbood Al hadramy

Translated by : Sajid Al Hindi