Not obeying the father who forces trimming of beard

Question 362:

My father forces me to cut my beard and he says that it can be trimmed but not shaved, when I don’t obey him he say that “children should obey parents unless they force them to do shirk”

He doesn’t talk to me nor look at my face also kicks me out of home at times and says that I am a sinner for not obeying him and this cause pain within me

Will I be punished by Allah in the day of judgment for causing sadness to parents due to this?

Answer :

The shaving and trimming of the beard is prohibited.

Shaykh Ibn Baz Rahimahullah has told :

Undoubtedly, shaving the whole beard is a greater sin, because it makes the abominable act more apparent and involves imitating women. However, trimming the beard, although equally evil and contradictory to the Hadith Sahih, is lesser than shaving the whole beard in its ruling. It should be noted that the person who shaves his beard or trims it is disobedient to Allah, but not a Kafir even if he believes the permissibility of such an act based on mistaken understanding or following the opinions of some scholars.

See the full fatwa here

The parents should not be obeyed if they order for a prohibited matter.

Fatwa of the Permanent committee  says :

It is not permissible for a son to obey his parents if they order him to shave his beard, as this is obedience that involves disobeying Allah. It is authentically reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “There is no obedience to the created in disobedience to the Creator.”

For full fatwa see here

He will not be punished if he disobey his parents if they order to do prohibited acts. A person should have patience upon his parents. He should always deal with them with honor and respect even if they order him with prohibited matters (without obeying them in those orders) because of their ignorance. He should try his best to educate them and supplicate to Allah for their guidance.

Compiled by : AbdunNoor Al Hindi