Praying behind an innovator who calls to participation in elections and democracy

Question #374:

Is it permitted to pray behind the one who calls towards democracy and elections ?

Answer :

They are of different types. Who ever calls towards democracy believing in it and justifying it and believing it is better than that which Islam calls to, then we should not pray behind him. And the one who call to it because of worldly benefit (that he gets because of calling to this man-made corrupted system) then the prayer behind him is correct and he is a sinner who is doing a major sin of calling to evil and blind-following of enemies of Allah.

As for the one who calls to democracy believing in it, that it is better and it is the one suitable for the nation and community and Islam is not suitable now and it used to be suitable for old generations and now we need democracy and elections as the people have changed then he is disbeliever in Allah and this ruling is passed upon him after establishing the proof on him. And no one should pray behind him. As for the one who look for his worldly benefits and don’t believe in democracy he is a Faasiq and he is a sinner to Allah and praying behind others is better.

Answered by : Shaykh Abu Bilal Al Hadhrami

Translated by : AbdunNoor Al Hindi