Responding to accusations “All Muslims are terrorists”

Question 380:

How should we respond to kuffar who accuse us with statements such as “what makes Muslims do terrorist acts is their faith”, “all Muslims are terrorists” “majority of people convicted for terrorism are muslims”? Should we ignore such abusive statements or should we respond and if response should be given how should we respond?

Answer :

أما قول الكفار أن كل مسلم إرهابي هذا كلام باطل. إرهابي لأعداء الله. أما إرهابي بمعنى أنه يقتل الأبرياء و المساكين و يفجّر و يُلغّم فهذا ليس بصحيح. هذه أعمال نشاز، تصدر من بعض المتشددين من المسلمين المنحرفين الذين فهموا دين الإسلام فهما غير صحيح بارك الله فيك.

As for as the saying of the disbelievers (is concerned) that ‘All Muslims are terrorists’ then this saying is falsehood. (He may be) a ‘terrorist’ for the enemies of Allah. As for as terrorist meaning that he kills the innocents, and the poor and he blows up and places mines (bombs) then this is not correct. These actions are not done by common practicing Muslims but done by some of the extremists from the deviant muslims who misunderstood the religion of Islam. Barakallaahu feek

Answered by : Shaykh Abu Hudhaifa Abdul Ghani Al Umaree hafidhahullah

Translated by : Abu Muhammad Nezam Uddin Al Hindi