Recommendations of some of the Mashāyikh of the Dawah Salafiyyah in Yemen for Shaykh Abu Hatim Al-Jazaa’iree


Allah, the Most High, said:

(فاسألوا أهل الذكر إن كنتم لا تعلمون)

“So ask of those who know the Scripture [the people of knowledge], if you know not.”

And it has been authentically narrated from some of the salaf that they said:

إن هذا العلم دين فانظروا عمن تأخذون دينكم

Verily this knowledge is Religion so look at the one who you take your knowledge from.

Acting upon the aforementioned I wish to present you with the knowledge that Shaykh Abu Hatim Al-Jazaa’iree, may Allah preserve him, will be visiting our country, the beloved Morocco, calling to Allah, whereby he intends to visit some of our brothers here.

He intends, with the permission of Allah, to embark upon a series of visits to a few different towns to give lectures and to teach knowledge based lessons.

Do you advise us with, may Allah preserve you, to welcome him and what do you know of the Shaykh, may Allah preserve him?


Shaykh Muhammed bin Maani’, may Allah preserve him:

I do not know of him but good, he is of those that strives in regards to da’wah and eager to spread the Sunnah, may Allah grant us, him and you all success to be firm upon the truth and the Sunnah and the way of the Salaf.

On the authority of ‘Umar, may Allah be pleased with him, that he said:
“Seclude yourself from that which harms you, upon you is the close righteous companion, you will not find a lot of them, consult those that fear Allah, the Magnificent and Lofty, in your affairs.”
[Shu’ab Al-Emaan with a excellent chain of narration]


Shaykh ‘Abdulghani Al-‘Umri, may Allah preserve him:

The Shaykh Abu Hatim Al-Jazaa’iree is from our virtuous brothers and callers to Allah in Algeria and he is from the diligent seekers of knowledge and a virtuous shaykh, we know of his call and his eagerness and love for his brothers, he is a human prone to being correct or incorrect but in all he is a virtuous man, it’s not often that you find his likes in Algeria.
The people in these days and times despise those that pay attention to the Dawah and love the Religion and love the Sunnah and hold on to it and Al-Jarh wa At-Ta’deel firmly, they don’t love these types, they love the man who is a mummayi’ (waters down dilutes), we as salafis if we were to see any mistake from each other we need to advise each other with legislated evidences, I have been cultivated upon the Sunnah and all of us have been cultivated upon the Sunnah, if you were to see a mistake from any one of us, then assist us with the evidences of this, we will repent to Allah.

Due to this I advise you all to welcome him and to sit with him and to benefit from him.

May Allah bless you all.


Shaykh Muhammed Bajamaal, may Allah preserve him:
(Shocked at the question)

I perceive this question, may Allah protect you all, to be shocking and strange.


Shaykh Hassan Bashu’ayb, may Allah preserve him:

I do not know of him but good and Sunnah.
He is deserving to be welcomed and honoured.

May Allah grant you all success and aid you all.


Shaykh Radmaan Al-Hubayshi, may Allah preserve him:

That what I know of the Shaykh Yusuf is that he is upon the Methodology of Ahlussunnah wal Jamaa’ah, and he has beneficial authorings, and good refutations upon the people of innovation and bigoted partisanship.

I advise you all with attending and to benefit from him.

And Allah is the One who grants success.


Shaykh Tāriq Al-Ba’dāni, may Allah preserve him:

He is from our brothers the beloved Mashāyikh, he has insight in refutations and what the opposers are upon.

So benefit from him and assist him.

Those that criticise him can not write the likes of his knowledge based writings.

Hatred and fanaticism pushed them to speaking about him.

Verily we came from Allah and to Him is our return.

Relay my greetings to him and our brothers in Morocco and Belgium.

Compiled & transcribed to Arabic by:
Abu Hatim ‘Abdulkareem As-Suwfi


Translated by:
Abu ‘Abdirrahman ‘Abdullaah bin Ahmed Ash-Shingaani