The unrestricted, generalised & tamyee’ee statement:
“Jarh wa Ta’deel is Ijtihaadi”


On the topic of :

The unrestricted, generalised & tamyee’ee statement:
“Jarh wa Ta’deel is Ijtihaadi”

[After having critiqued and established the invalidity of the principle:
“Differing in Jarh Wa Ta’deel is Ijthaadi like the differing in other than it from the sciences”
and having put forth what renders it false, said:]


?It has become known in that which has preceded the invalidity of the usage of Muhammed Al-Imaam, may Allah grant him success, of his statement:

“The statement of the scholars in Jarh wa Ta’deel is an affair of Ijtihaad, like in the rest of the sciences”!!

Due to it having many harms, and from them are:

➖1- Dismantlement of the efforts of the Imaams in the preservation of the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ, causing it to be lost.

➖2- Sabotaging and maneuvering around the principles of the Imaams.

➖3- Causes doubts in the affairs of the people in regards to the statements of the Imaams of the Hadeeth, the luminaries who Allaah by way of them preserved His Religion, in the past and present, by the usage of these words; because the affair is such that it contains being correct and mistakes!!

➖4- Incitement of the people to drop, due to these wordings, the people of knowledge and their statements and the truth which they have clarified to the Ummah, whereby everyone that wished to drop their proofs, would come with the likes of these claims:

“The affair is Ijtihaadi!!”

An excerpt from the book:
Of our Shaykh Abu Hatim Yusuf Al-‘Inaabi Al-Jazaa’iree – may Allah preserve him.

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Translated by:
Abu ‘Abdirrahman ‘Abdullaah bin Ahmed Ash-Shingaani