Another flimsy doubt from Hizbul Jadeed


The Hizbul Jadeed have come with a new doubt, they say:

The knowledge based affairs return back to the Saudi Scholars and we are in no need to seek knowledge from the ‘Hajaawirah’ (those that take from Shaykh Yahya) Yemeni scholars, we will seek it with the Saudi Scholars

They derive this speech of theirs from the hadeeth

إن الإيمان ليأرز إلى المدينة كما تأرز الحية إلى جحرها

Emaan would return to medina just as the snake returns to its hole


They are not truthful in this speech due to them having so-called ‘Establishments of Knowledge’ and ‘Establishments of Hadeeth’, as they claim❗️

And who teaches in them⁉️
The scholars of Saudi come and teach in them⁉️

Those misguided individuals are the ones teaching in them. Those hizbees, they merely just want present this doubt on to the miskeen one, otherwise they have places like:

⛔️ Ma’bar
⛔️ The place belonging to Al-Bur’ee
⛔️ Hubaishi’s place
⛔️ Fuyoosh

And they are the ones teaching in them, so this speech is not correct at all and this hadeeth

إن الإيمان ليأرز إلى المدينة كما تأرز الحية إلى جحره

Emaan would return to medina just as the snake returns to its hole

Doesn’t mean the knowledge goes back to Saudi, so do not study except in Saudi.

How many have travelled to Yemen, Baghdaad in pursuit of knowledge.

And they travelled to many different places from Medina itself in search of knowledge.

Once the goodness became more widespread, the state moved to Iraq so the people travelled from medina, and likewise, when the state had moved to shaam, the people travelled from many different areas to benefit from the Presence of the people of knowledge.

So you would’ve seen that one is from Baghdaad and that one from koofa and this one is from shaam and they weren’t from the scholars of medina.

So this speech is not correct as it necessitates the ommitence of:

?Al-Ameer As-San’aani
?Ibnul Wazeer
?The Scholars of Yemen
?Our Shaykh Muqbil- may Allah have mercy on him- for verily he isn’t from Saudi except if the intent was from the angle that he studied in Saudi then perhaps this is something else.

Nonetheless many didn’t seek knowledge over there, they benefitted from the scholars that were in their countries.

Some of them never went to Saudi ever so to derive this speech of theirs from this hadeeth is not correct:

إن الإيمان ليأرز إلى المدينة…

Emaan would return to medina…

This indicates to the virtue of this country and the goodness returns to it just as it started, it started from there and it started from Makkah so it will return to it once again just as the snake returns to its hole.

So, no doubt that the goodness will return to that country for verily it was the country that lightened up the world with khair.

As for deriving this speech from the hadeeth with this type of confinement then you have restricted the hadeeth (to restrict seeking knowledge only in Saudi) and the scholars have not understood this hadeeth with this type of understanding.

This understanding indicates that you are a feebleminded❗️

Even your own companions are not pleased with this speech of yours….

And from the evidences to prove that this is not the intent of the hadeeth which has been mentioned:

الإيمان يمان والحكمة يمانية والفقه يمان

Faith Is Yemenite and Wisdom is Yemenite and the Fiqh is Yemenite

[Narrated by Bukhaari and Muslim without this wording]

The indication of the prophet ﷺ in this hadeeth shows to take religious understanding from the people of Yemen.

Answered by: Shaykh Abu Bilaal Al-Hadhramy – may Allah preserve him


Answered on: 16th Rabee’ul Awwol 1441

Translated and Summarised: Abu Huthayfah Saamy Al-hindy