Taking Ones Wife to a Male Eye Doctor When There is No Female Eye Doctor


There is a brother who is asking about the ruling on taking his wife to a male eye doctor with the knowledge that there is no female eye doctor in his city. Is it upon him to search (for a female doctor) in other cities?


The answer is that a man does not take his wife to a male doctor except for a necessity and if there is no female doctor. As for if it is not for a necessity in terms that could be done after a week or two then it is upon him to search for a female doctor even if she is in another city or country, in search of preserving her modesty and her staying covered so that male strangers don’t look at her.

And Allah knows best.

Answered by: Shaikh Abu Abdillah Muhammad Ba Jamaal (May Allah preserve him)

Source: https://t.me/OfficialChannelShaykhBaajammaal/162

Translated by: Abu Musa Jamaal al-Britani