Leaving One’s Family to Reside in other than the Country He Resides


Is it permissible for a man to leave his family in one country and his kids in another in order that they learn they’re religion while he stays in America. For example he calls to Allah in America. Is it permissible for him to stay in America whilst believing that Islam is well known over there and the da’wah is based on the Qurān and the Sunnah?


This is a waste of time and disruption. The advise for him is to be with his family in the land where he sees the good and the uprightness of his religion. This is what we advise him with and he shouldn’t go to America or other than there, he should not be content with the likes of these countries.

And Allah knows best.

Answered by: Shaikh Abu Abdillah Muhammad Ba Jamaal (May Allah preserve him)

Source: https://t.me/OfficialChannelShaykhBaajammaal/171

Translated by: Abu Musa Jamaal al-Britani