Benefiting from money obtained through interest


Some of our brothers from Britain are asking: Is it permissible to use the interest that the bank forces (us to accept) to pay the taxes taken by the government?


I advise you not to use it in your own self-interest. Rather, free yourself from it in other than your own self-interest, free yourself from it.

If you use it in your own self-interest it is feared that there may be sin upon you.

You may only give it to someone else (ideally) if they are in dire need and have not found someone to aid them. Give it to someone who is extremely poor and in need of some money. If you give it to him, it is hoped that there is nothing wrong with this.

It is only to be given with the intention of freeing yourself (from the money) and not with the intention of giving charity. If not, you may also use it in the general interests of the muslims.

This is what I advise you with. Use it in the general interests of the muslims and do not use it in your own self-interest.

Answered by: Shaykh Abu Bilaal Al-Hadhramy – may Allah preserve him


Answered on: 11 Rajab 1440 (18th March 2019)

Translated by: Abu Sufian Sami ibn Daniel Al-Ghaani