(2) – The permissibility of voluntary Salaah on the riding mount on travels whichever direction it turns


▪️ Imaam Maalik may Allaah have mercy on him used to view reading while on it but he didn’t read while on it.

▪️ And the story of Maalik “Hit me and increase me in Hadith” is not authentic.

▪️ From the means of travelling for sin is bad companionship, and from the means of travelling for obedience is good companionship.

▪️ Many of the bus drivers don’t give importance to Salaah, so make a condition with him before boarding that he stops at the time of the Salawaat otherwise he could cause you difficulty.

▪️ It’s obligatory for the bus companies to choose a person who prays and has manners in order not to drive the people away from them.

▪️ The traveller utilizes his time with finishing the Qur’aan with his companions or with important lessons, and he doesn’t waste his time with Zawaamil (poetic songs) and the likes of it.

Benefited from: Shaykh, the Allamah, the Trustworthy Advisor, Abu Abdirrahman Yahya bin Ali Al-Hajuri – may Allah preserve him.

Source: https://t.me/sh_yahia_duroos/10155

Translated by: Abū ‘Abdillāh ‘Omar bin Yahya Al-‘Akawi