Gathering on food and exchanging gifts at the time of marriage and new child birth

Question :

Is it permitted to gather people and feed them for the occasion of the ‘Nikah’ and new child birth and exchanging gifts in these occasions ?

Answer :

No issues. There is no prohibition for this. If they gather for the food, exchange gifts, during marriage there is nothing wrong in that.

Similarly, if they gather for the occasion of child birth, its not prohibited. They can either gather for the food or distribute it. Similarly if they exchange some gifts, there is no problem.

The Messenger sallallahu alaihi wasallam says

تَهَادُوا تَحَابُّوا

‘Exchange gifts and love each other’ ! The ‘hadaya’ (gifts) are from the means of love. Islam has considered this matter to be desired among Muslims.

Answered by : Shaykh Abu Bilal Khalid bin Abbood Al Hadramy

Translator : Sajid Al – Hindy