Marrying a Salafee girl against the will of the parents

Question #339:

A brother from Kerala India says the situation in his land is such that it is very hard to find girls who are willing to follow salafiyyah and a family that is willing to marry off a girl to a salafee, but he recently received a marriage proposal from a girl’s waliyy who is a firm salafee. The girl is willing to follow salafiyyah as well, but the brother’s family opposes to this marriage without a genuine reason. Is it permissible for the brother to go ahead with the marriage without his parents’ consent?

This could result in straining of relationship between him and his parents and other relatives. He has an elder brother and his parents do not require him to take of their needs.

Answer :

If his parents are preventing him to marry the Salafee girl because she is a Salafee and also they don’t want him to marry any other girl who is firm upon deen and they want him to marry a girl who don’t practice the deen, then he can marry the Salafee girl against will of his parents.

But if they prevent this girl because of some reasons they consider and they don’t prevent to marry any other girl who practices the religion then it is better that he obey his parents and be patient.

Answered by : Shaykh Abu Bilal Al Hadhrami

Translated the summary of Answer by : AbdnNoor Al Hindi