Benefit: Shaykh Yahya and his dutifulness to his father


Our Shaykh Yahyā and his dutifulness to his father, ocassions and lessons taken

From the dutifulness of our Shaykh with his father:

Our Shaykh came forward one night to lead us the third and fourth rak’ah, so his father indicated to step back out of kindness to him due to his sickness;

So our Shaykh stepped back straight away! Our brother Shaykh Hasan Al-Khawlānī stepped forward, so he began and said: “Straighten the rows.” Then Shaykh Hasan went back to the father of our Shaykh and interceded for our Shaykh to him so he accepted, so our Shaykh stepped forward and led us. And indeed by Allah the prayer of our Shaykh that night was from the most enjoyable and sweetest of prayers that we have prayed with him in my life.

And our brother Hamūd Ath-Thawābi may Allah grant him success said: From the dutifulness of our Shaykh Yahyā to his father:

“While we were in Bathā Quraish approximately two years ago, and it was the custom of the Shaykh after the Dhuhr prayer that he would go to the Haram, so we left together from Masjid Taqwā and the Shaykh said to me today we go together to the Haram instead of you going by your car, we all go in one car, and Hussein was next to him, so I said jokingly to Hussein: “I will ride with you all if the Shaykh drives, so the Shaykh heard us speaking so he took the keys and drove the car by himself and his father got in thinking that Hussein was driving, so he looked after we went a little bit and said to the Shaykh: “Let Hussein drive,” he feared for him because he hadn’t drove for a long time, so the Shaykh hearkened to the speech of his father and let Hussein drive the car and was gentle with his father and said to him: “By the permission of Allah O my father we will do Hajj together this year, you are my companion in Hajj, make du’ā to Allah to make Hajj easy for us – and Allah made Hajj easy for them that year Alhamdulillah.

And our Shaykh mentioned these two lines of poetry:

I did not see anything in the shortcomings of the people

Like the ones capable of doing that which is complete being deficient.

And we memorized those lines of poetry from him may Allāh preserve him.

I say: “Likewise during the days of ‘I’tikāf in the Haram, he would take him and perform ‘I’tikāf with him and sleep next to him and pay attention to him with the upmost paying attention without slacking with the fact that he is an old man himself and he receives difficulty in going to the bathroom and transporting him may Allah preserve our Shaykh and his father.

One time in one of the lessons of Muntaqā the father of the Shaykh said to the Shaykh while he was teaching: “We want an admonishment”, while the Shaykh was explaining, so there was nothing from the Shaykh except that he turned towards his father and said: “Abshir (rejoice) O my father, tomorrow by the permission of Allah, in all gentleness and quietness and softness may Allah preserve him, and indeed the time was near at end.

And the occasions are many with his father or with any elderly, so this is the manners which are from the means of the people loving him and our love for him may Allah raise his rank in this Dunya and the Ākhirah.

Benefited from: Shaykh, the Allamah, the Trustworthy Advisor, Abu Abdirrahman Yahya bin Ali Al-Hajuri – may Allah preserve him.


Translated by: Abu ‘Abdillāh ‘Omar bin Yahya Al-‘Akawi