Was Gaddaafi a Muslim?

Question #360:

Was Mu’ammar Gaddaafi,  the former Libyan president a  muslim or a disbeliever?

Answer :

Al Imam Muqbil ibn Hadi Rahimahullah told about Muammar Al Qadaafi :

Al Qadaafi Kafir. [Qam-ul-Muaanid/112]

Few crimes of Al Qadaafi as mentioned by Shaykh Muqbil [Garat-ul-Ashritah/1/233-236]:

1. He has rejected the Sunnah of Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam)

2. He used to say the Istislaam of Al-Hajr Al-Aswad and the story of people of Cave (which is mentioned in Surat-ul-Kahf) as superstitions. This is Riddah.

3. He has sent around seven million land mines to Yemen which has killed many of the people and severely injured others.

4. He has prisoned around fifteen thousand religious callers.

5. He was a caller to the Khilaafah of Al Fatimiyyah. The Fatimiyyah are from Ubaydiyyah who has killed the religion in Al Maghrib (Moracco) and declared all the things that Allah has prohibited as Permissible.

I have asked our Shaykh Abu Bilal, Does he repent before his death ? Our Shaykh told, we don’t know any repentance from him.

Compiled by : AbdunNoor Al Hindi