Seeking ilm or stay and pay off debt and do da’wah to family

Question 375:

I am from the west, I borrowed money from the government for university before I started Allah Guided me, and soon interest will start accumulating insha Allah.
-My dad is a non practicing Muslim, and my mother is from a Hindi family. I haven’t given them true dawah yet, and I’m going to do that soon.
-I have a 14 yr old sibling who Allah Guided to salafiyyah too. She practices, and does what she can for her age and the environment she is in.
– Allah Guided me to the obligatory ILM, and there are student of ILM here who conduct weekly classes alhamdulilah

I want to leave to seek ilm now, can I leave this GS as they are and go? Or do I stay pay off my debt, give dawah to my parents, and stay with my sister to raise her well? And make due to Allah to make a way out for me and wait?


أنت تحاول بارك الله فيك أن توفّق بين هذا و هذا تسير لك السبيل مثلا لقضى دينك أولا ثم ذهاب لطلب العلم فهذا أمر طيب مع نصح أبيك و أختك و من تستطيع إلى السنة النبوية المطهرة

You try that you conciliate between this and that, if it is easy for you. For example, you pay your loan firstly and then you travel to seek knowledge then this is a good affair along with advising your father and sister and whoever you are capable of advising towards the pure prophetic sunnah.

Answered by : Shaykh Abu Hudhaifah Abdul Ghani Al Umari hafidhahullah

Translated by : Abu Muhammad Nezam Uddin Al Hindi