Using car whose loan is paid off

Question 435 :

My father have given me a car as gift. And he have purchased this with an interest based loan and he have already paid it completely. Is it allowed for me to accept it ?

Answer :

If you are in need of it and took it, there is no problem. As he have bought it with his money, and the bank or the showroom have imposed that he have to pay more money as interest. But he have made an mistake and did what is prohibited and paid more than the price of the car.

If you are not in need, I advise not to accept the gift, so that you father don’t habituated on this act. And you have to advise him that this is not permitted. If your father is capable of buying it with immediate payment, then it is fine to buy that for you. But if he is not capable don’t ask him to buy it for you. And if you know this before he enters into this transaction, advise him not to do that and Allah will make it is easy in some other way.

But if you don’t know until he did this and if you are in need and if you take there is no problem and you should advise him not to repeat this again.

Answered by : Shaykh Abu Bilal Al Hadhrami

Translated the summary of the answer by : AbdunNoor Al Hindi