Is the blood of animals, which their meat is legislatively edible, impure?

Answered by our Shaykh, the ‘Allaamah, the Sincere Adviser, Abu ‘Abdirrahman Yahya bin ‘Ali Al-Hajoori – may Allaah preserve him –


Is the blood of the animals, which their meat is (legislatively) edible, impure?


Rather the blood of the animals whose meat is eaten is pure, they (the companions) used to slaughter a camel and pray, and it has not been transmitted that they used to remove their garments due to the blood, for this is which will be an affliction for all the butcher’s (If it was impure).

And the people of knowledge are on the opinion that the smell of blood which appears on one’s garments upon cooking isn’t a problem.

Translated by : Abu Huthayfah Saamy Al-hindy

Original Fatwa:
الكنز الثمين في الإجابة على أسئلة طلبة العلم والزائرين” (2″
Under: كتاب الطهارة
Entitled: هل الدم نجس