Preferring congregational prayers over fulfilling commands of mother

Question :

Which do I give precedence in : Obeying commanding of my disbelieving mother, or going and offering my prayers in Jamaa’ah in the masjid?

Answer :

If this individual is a man, then it is waajib for him to pray in the Jamaa’ah.  So therefore, he is to give precedence in praying in the Jamaa’ah in the congregation in the masjid with the Muslims. This is to be given precedence over the commands of his mother, even if she was a Muslimah. As for if the questioner is a female, then the congregational prayer is not obligatory upon the woman. So therefore, she sees to the needs of her mother, then she prays in her home. However, it’s a must that she sticks to the time of the prayer and she doesn’t busy herself with the affairs of her mother until the time for the prayer goes.

Answered by : Shaykh Abdullah Aryani