Murdering innocent souls from the Kuffaar

Question #323:

A Muslim, who claimed allegiance to Daesh, went to a nightclub and killed 50 people in Orlando, Florida.  What advise can you give to those who commit such crimes or sympathize with those who do (commit such crimes)?

Our advice is that the Muslims seek knowledge of the kitaab and sunnah upon the understanding of the pious processors, because many of these acts mentioned in the question are a result of ignorance of the ahkaam of that which they embark upon thinking that this is beloved to Allah and from his religion, a jihaad in his cause when infact they are embarking upon sins and transgression, many of such ignorant muslims think that the blood and wealth of every disbeliever is lawful and that the lands of kufr are lands of physical war!!

Narrated from Al Miqdam bin Ma’dikarib that the Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said: ((Predators with fangs are not permissible, nor domestic donkeys, nor the lost property of a Mu’ãhid (the disbeliever in treaty with the Muslims), unless he has no need of it)).

Reported by Abu Dawood , authenticated by Al Albaani.

So it is unlawful for you to take the lost property of the (Mu’ãhid) kaafir who is in treaty with the muslims let alone robbing his wealth by force, or even worse, shedding his blood wrongly.

Imam- Al-Bukhaari says: chapter : the sin of killing the Mu’ãhid without right.

Then he mentioned the hadeeth of ibnu Umar (Radiallahu anhu) that the Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said: ((whosoever kills a Mu’ãhid shall never enter paradise nor shall he find its smell even though the smell of paradise can be found from the distance of forty years)).

Answered by: Abū Hārūn Muḥammad ʿAbdin-Nūr