The Salah of those following sitting behind the Imaam, and for who is it allowed and how to do it


▪️ It becomes apparent and Allah knows best the permissibility of the Salah of those following the Imaam sitting behind the Imaam in a voluntary prayer Insha’Allah with capability (of standing), and standing is better and it (sitting) doesn’t nullify their Salah, rather their Salah is correct but upon half the reward of the Salah of one standing.

▪️ As for if they have an excuse then its like the one praying standing, it’s written for him what he would of done if he was healthy and a resident.

▪️ And in reality many of them pray sitting, he comes from his house walking, ready to go sporting and going long distances, and if he comes to the masjid he takes a chair and prays!!

He prays sitting while he is capable of standing! This is the munkar (rebuked upon)!? While he is capable of standing.

So this is the one whose Salah is nullified in an obligatory Salah,

Due to the hadith:

“Pray standing and if you’re incapable then sitting, and if you’re incapable then on your side.”

▪️ And others have no capability to make sujood but they have capability to do rukoo’, so he prays sitting in his whole Salah, and had he read then made rukoo’ then if his Imaam made sujood he sat on a chair then did sujood, being that some elderly are incapable of doing sujood, due to the hadith:

“Whatever i ordered you to do then do it as much as you are capable of doing.”

And this (action of his) opposes the hadith due to lack of understanding in that so he prays his whole Salah sitting while being capable of fulfilling some of it standing.

(Rather) he is to pray standing and that which he is incapable of doing, he prays sitting;

This is what is correct.

▪️ They over expanded in praying on the chairs until it became a fashion for some people, and like so this one comes with his healthiness and strength and sits and prays, and the old people also, whoever is old he sits next to the old people and prays sitting, while he is capable of standing, they call it the old people.

They call it the old people, as if its allowed to pray sitting while being able to stand. An incorrect understanding and ignorance.

Benefited from: Shaykh, the Allamah, the Trustworthy Advisor, Abu Abdirrahman Yahya bin Ali Al-Hajuri – may Allah preserve him.


    Translated by: Abū ‘Abdillāh ‘Omar bin Yahya Al-‘Akawi