Have the Scholars United Upon the Correctness of Praying with Spaces in the Rows


Those that pray with spaces in their rows use as a proof the hadith of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ when he said, “My nation will never unite upon misguidance”. So they say that the scholars have united upon the correctness of praying with spaces in the rows because of this sickness. What do we say to them?


We say the scholars have not united (upon the correctness of praying with spaces.) How can they say this when we have heard from the people of knowledge who disapprove of this, while saying this type of prayer is not correct. So how now are they saying there is a consensus between the scholars. And the fatwa of Al-Alamah Abaad (may Allah preserve him) in Rajab, right before this Coronavirus began to spread in Saudi said that this type of prayer is an innovation. And the one that prays in this manner his prayer is not correct. Then after that there came the fatwa from the government in Saudi Arabia, (permitting this type of prayer) so not to cause dissension Al-Alamah Abaad said, “Don’t rely upon my ruling over the ruling of the government”. He never said ” I return back from my ruling.” He simply said don’t usurp the government ruling for mine. But rather his original ruling was correct based on the truth.

And Allah knows best.

Answered by: Shaikh Abu Abdillah Muhammad Ba Jamaal (May Allah preserve him)

Source: https://t.me/bajmaal/5425

Translated by: Abu Yusuf Bilal ibn Howard Robinson